Acquired Injury Attendant Care Support Service

Anglicare Tasmania’s Attendant Care Support Service is built around the individual needs of the person being supported.

It includes any support needed to carry out daily tasks in the home and community such as:

  • personal care (showering, grooming and dressing)
  • household tasks
  • transport to and from appointments
  • assistance to undertake therapies provided by Allied Health professionals.

Our support workers will also support each person to stay connected with friends, family and the community, learn new skills or pursue personal interests and hobbies.

How to choose Anglicare

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If you would like to learn more about our attendant care service you can phone us on 1800 243 232, email us on info@staging-anglicare.kingsdigital.dev or use the enquire online form on our website available below.

Why Choose Anglicare?


We use the active method of support

Anglicare Tasmania is committed to providing high quality support through the evidence-based active support model.  This person-centred approach enables the active participation of the client.

Active support builds on and celebrates the skills of the person being supported and uses the method of ‘doing with’, rather than ‘doing for’.

This approach is fundamental to promoting quality of life and emphasises the support of the individual to develop capability and regain independence.



20 years of experience

Anglicare Tasmania has been working with MAIB and other insurance providers for 20 years.

We have had the privilege of already enabling many clients to achieve their individual goals.

Our long history in providing this service means that we know that needs and preferences can change over time.  Anglicare knows that engaging with all clients in the creation and regular review of Support Plans is integral to achieving ongoing quality of life outcomes, and upholding the human rights and dignity of those who are entrusted in our care.


Well-established and stable organisation

Anglicare is a well-established, stable organisation with extensive experience in providing disability services.

Our strong regional presence and our commitment to being wholly Tasmanian, allows us to maintain our long-held focus on providing high quality services.

Our approach incorporates best practice support methodologies, guided by the appropriate legislation, frameworks and codes when working in a client’s home whether it is in a group living environment or an independent unit.

Follow this link for more information on our accreditation and standards.


Trained and capable support workforce

Anglicare Tasmania’s existing support workforce is highly skilled in working with clients to deliver active support.

All new support workers undertake active support training through our induction and onboarding process.

Our frontline leaders have a depth of experience and training and are ideal to coach others in the principles of active support.


Provider of supported accommodation

Anglicare’s skilled team deliver complex care to people who need short-term or long-term complex support in purpose-built residences in Hobart (Caylea), Launceston (Neena) and Ulverstone (Lomandra).

Visit our Residential Care website page for more information on this service.


Anglicare is a provider of a broad range of Community Services

As one of our State’s most trusted community service organisations, Anglicare Tasmania can offer you and your family a range of helpful services such as financial counselling and housing support.

To view our full range of services across Tasmania visit the home page of our website.

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