Self-Funded Home Care Support Service

While many of our services are funded by government programs, we also provide services on a self-funded basis. 

Our self-funded services can complement any government-funded services you already receive. Or you may choose to purchase services while you wait to be approved for government funding.

Why wait? Our self-funded home care services are flexible, and range from short-term help to ongoing care, matched to your personal circumstances and budget.




We can support you with:

  • Staying independent
  • Staying connected
  • Help around the house
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Carer and family support (in-home respite)

How can we support you?

Our self-funded support services are aimed at assisting you to keep on top of things. They require no government assessment and no lock in contracts.
Our team will work quietly in the background to provide the support you choose, while you get on with life.

Here are some examples of when you might choose to use a self-funded service.

  • Booked for a day surgery?

    We’ll provide someone to transport you and stay with you throughout the day.

    We can bring you home and cook you a light meal. We can even stay overnight in your home if needed.

  • Going on holiday or leaving the state?

    If you are going on a holiday or leaving the state due to an emergency or crisis, such as a family illness, we can make sure your home is ready for your return.

    We can collect your mail, put out the rubbish, clean your home, change bed linen and stock the fridge for your return.

  • Concerned about your aging parents?

    If you are living interstate or overseas and you’re concerned about your ageing parents living at home or in an aged-care facility, our visiting service can help.

    We can also call you to give regular updates if your family member has been unwell.

  • Attending a special event?

    Are you going to attend a special event such as a wedding, anniversary, graduation or reunion?

    We can support you and your family by assisting older or frail family members to attend these important occasions.

    We can help with grooming for the event, transport, toileting and companionship throughout the day.

  • Are you a carer?

    If you are a carer and you wish to attend a function or work commitment, we can support the person you care for.

  • Do you have specific health or fitness requirements?

    We can assist you to achieve greater mobility after surgery, or lose weight prior to surgery, or support you to do your daily physiotherapy exercises.

    Your team will help to keep you safe and motivated.

    They can attend your appointments with you, work with you in your own home, as well as in a gym, pool or therapy centre.

What's Next?


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