Anglicare supports motorcycle safety

Photo of Kevin and Debbie sitting down beside each other smiling and looking happy.

The safety of Tasmanian motorcycle riders is in the spotlight, following a series of serious accidents in our State.

Mick Boyd is the president of the Tasmanian Motorcycle Council and a member of the Road Safety Advisory Council of Tasmania. The Road Safety Advisory Council makes recommendations to the State Government about road safety matters, including the content of public education campaigns.

“It’s important that we all work together on our common goal – safer roads for everyone that uses them,” he said.

Mick says Tasmanian motorcyclists have access to excellent training.

”Motorcycle driver training for learner riders in Tasmania is second to none and our motorcyclists ride to a very high standard,” he said.

He also points to the Returning Riders program offered through AJL Training, and heavily subsidised by the Motor Accidents Insurance Board (MAIB).

“This course is essential for people who haven’t been on their bikes for a while and want to refresh their skills,” he said. “It’s a practical course that reinforces and tests people’s’ skills in a wide range of riding environments,” he explains. “Again, this training is of a very high standard and we support it 100 per cent.”

“Look left, look right, look bike”

Kevin Purton (57, of Deloraine) has been riding motorbikes since the age of 6. He considers himself an experienced, confident and careful rider. “It’s been much more than a hobby, it’s been a really important part of our lifestyle,” he said.

Three months ago Kevin was riding his motorbike on the Bass Highway along the North West Coast. His wife Debbie was his pillion passenger. A vehicle pulling out from a major intersection collided with the pair.

Kevin and Debbie have only recently left hospital and moved into a unit in the MAIB Lomandra facility in Ulverstone for the next stage of their rehabilitation and recovery. Lomandra was purpose-built for people who have complex care needs as a result of a motor vehicle accident. It is managed by Anglicare Tasmania.

“Our situation is very frustrating, but our experience at Lomandra has been tremendous,” Kevin said. “It’s well managed and I’ve been surprised at the extent the carers go to to make our lives more tolerable and comfortable.”

Kevin urges motorists to “look left, look right, look bike”:

We were very lucky to survive. I suppose I have been a little naïve over the years. I’d never had an accident. I thought I had the experience and confidence to avoid a situation like this, but we were blindsided. Motorists know to check for cars and trucks before pulling out, but they need to check specifically for motorbikes (and cyclists) too.

Anglicare is the State’s most experienced provider of tailored support to Tasmanians following a motor vehicle accident.


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