Are addictions ruling your life?

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The Anglicare Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service (ADATS) is experiencing a surge in demand as a result of the Covid- 19 pandemic.

ADATS offers free, specialist counselling support to Tasmanians who are ready to tackle their addictions to alcohol and other drugs. These addictions are usually complex, and can exist alongside other issues such as trauma, mental illness, family violence and poor access to housing.

Coordinator Jonathon Sheridan explains that the coronavirus pandemic has affected different people in different ways, and that for many, it’s been a catalyst to reach out for support.

“For some people, coronavirus has exacerbated the anxiety that they live with every day,” he says. “People who use drugs typically tend to be highly mobile, and so they may be finding the restrictions on movement more difficult than other groups in the community, particularly as it makes it harder for them to access the drugs they need. We’ve also seen a sharp increase in the price of methamphetamine, which is compounding the problem.”

Jon explained that some temporary restrictions on the Government’s inpatient services had led to longer than usual waiting times and an increase in direct referrals to Anglicare.

“We’re looking forward to a return to normal arrangements but in the meantime we encourage Tasmanians to contact us so that we can get the ball rolling for them – it’s a really positive first step when someone recognises that either they or someone they care about is ready to make a lifestyle change,” he said.

People who access ADATS may also be referred to Anglicare’s hepatitis prevention program and its Needle and Syringe Program. We look forward to your call on 1800 243 232.

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