Are you ready for the bushfire season?

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If you live in or near the bush, you should have a Bushfire Survival Plan. In particular, people who are vulnerable need to plan to leave very early.

Anglicare is collaborating with the Tasmania Fire Service to help spread this message. We want to ensure all Tasmanians stay safe, including people we support through our home care services.

Your Bushfire Survival Plan should set out how you will prepare your home for a bushfire and cover what you will do if a bushfire approaches.

The TFS advises that leaving early is always the safest option. There are high risks associated with leaving too late, when a fire is already approaching.

“Our advice is for people to have a clear plan knowing what their trigger is to leave their homes and area for the day,” said Peter Middleton from the TFS Community Education Unit.

It is recommended you set your trigger based on the Fire Danger Ratings Forecast.

“Fires can break out suddenly and without warning,” emphasised Peter. “There may be no time for the TFS to give official warnings. This is why it is particularly important for people who are vulnerable to plan to leave early, hours before”.

The TFS have clear instructions on How to prepare a Bushfire Survival Plan. For assistance with this, contact the TFS Information Line (free call): 1800 000 699

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