Back to basics (and school)

Children walking hand in hand in a school uniform with a school bag on their back.

Tasmanians donated generously to last year’s Anglicare Christmas Appeal and the ripple effects are still being felt as families settle their children into school.

Donations to the Appeal enabled us to assist families to put food on the Christmas table and buy gifts for children.

This effort was bolstered by the donation of essential and festive grocery items by our parish and school partners, while 110 additional individuals and families were supported by donations that came to Anglicare through the ABC Giving Tree Appeal.


The new school year always comes hot on the heels of Christmas. It’s a busy, exciting and potentially stressful time and a smooth start can make a huge difference to children’s enjoyment of school and their learning outcomes.


Anglicare reserved funds from its own Appeal and the ABC Giving Tree Appeal to help 112 families purchase essential items such as stationery, backpacks, lunch boxes, drink bottles and clothing.

The comments below are from people living on the West Coast:


 You have no idea how much this has helped.  Thank you.

 Very helpful – didn’t need to stress about all the back-to-school stuff and the timing of when I got them was excellent – was heading up the coast [to the shops in Burnie or Devonport] the next day.

An unexpected relief that made life easier when getting the four boys back to school. Thanks heaps.

The [vouchers] were wonderful – was even able to get new underpants and socks for my son. Everything he wore to school on his first day was new.  I am so grateful.


The Pathway Home program is a service for families across the North and North West with children in out-of-home care that supports their journey through the restoration process.  Practitioner Rebecca reports the vouchers alleviated the financial stresses that come with an expensive Christmas season.

“Some told me that the Christmas voucher really helped as they did not have a lot of money left over for Christmas food after picking up laybys,” she said. “Others said they didn’t have to go without in order to afford to send their kids back to school with new lunch boxes, bags and clothes,” she added.

CEO Chris Jones thanked everyone who contributed to this vital fundraising.

“It was heartening to see the community pulling together so that a very difficult year could end well and we could provide essentials—and hope—as we moved into 2021,” he said.


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