Do you know how your gambling affects others?

How does Gambling Harm affect others? Pictured: Young man looks despondently at the mobile phone in his hand

Gambling can have a wide ripple effect.

It’s estimated that for every person experiencing gambling harm another seven other people are affected, too.

Your behaviour can have serious social, emotional, physical and financial impacts on your family members and friends.

It can lead to feelings of helplessness, embarrassment and shame, depression and anxiety.

There is a real risk that your family and personal relationships will break down.

Children will be affected by these stresses, even if they don’t understand what is going on.  This may cause behavioural changes that can impact their friendships and experience at school.

And the financial impacts can be broad. If gambling takes over your life, you may lose your job. You may borrow money from family members that you can’t afford to pay back. You might get behind in your mortgage payments and face the prospect of losing your family home.


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