Is your household water-wise?

A cardboard cut-out of a family holding hands outside their home surrounded by trees and butterflies while everything is built upon a water pipe with a singular drop of water falling from the pipe.

TasWater’s recent announcement of a 3.5 per cent price rise each year for the next four years has added another cost-of-living pressure for Tasmanians.

Our Program Manager of Financial Resilience and Wellbeing, Mat O’Brien has put together these tips for reducing your usage.

  • Keep a close eye on the usage section of your bill. If you notice it’s higher than usual there may be a leak or another issue. Give TasWater a call and ask them for advice and what your next steps should be.
  • Time your shower to 4 minutes. Use your favourite song as a guide and practice your singing at the same time!
  • Make sure your washing machine is full before you do a load. Some items don’t need to be washed after every wear and they will last longer if they are washed less.
  • If you’re a concession holder, you might be eligible to buy a new, more efficient washing machine through the No Interest Loans Scheme.
  • Toilets can use large volumes of water per flush – close the lid if it’s not necessary to flush after every use!
  • Fill up your dishwasher before you turn it on. It may be that large items are taking up too much space, which means less room for smaller items. If using the sink to wash up, wash up the dirtiest items last.
  • Run water into a cup to clean and rinse your teeth and toothbrush instead of running the tap.
  • Hang your bath towels out to dry to dry between uses.
  • Use leftover water in your garden. Put buckets under pots to catch water so that you can re-use it, mulch your plants and choose water-wise species. Converting garden beds into raised potted areas can also save water.
  • Fill up a kettle or jug and use it to wash vegetables instead of running water from the tap.
  • Wipe your car clean or use a bucket instead of a hose.

Check this page on TasWater’s website for water-saving tips. You can also keep up to date with any restrictions in your area by checking their home page.

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