Staying active can help you control your gambling

Find healthy activities to help you avoid gambling. Pictured: riends sitting on a mountain top overlooking Hobart.

Many people who gamble say it’s a way to avoid boredom, or cope with stressful situations.

Learning to deal with grief, stress or even boredom is a skill. It takes practice to manage your emotions and deal with these situations without turning to gambling.

It’s important to have other activities in your life to keep you busy and fulfilled. Making time to do the things you enjoy can protect you as you recover from gambling harm. Try these ideas below.


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Meet new people

Trying a new activity is a great way to fill the void left as you recover from problem gambling. You could join a book club, a fitness group or take up crocheting – the possibilities are endless! Your world will open up as you make new friends.

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Volunteering is a fantastic way to take your mind off yourself, and think more positively as you begin helping others.

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Learn a language

If gambling has become a habit that you want to break, you will need to change the way your brain works.

Learning a language will occupy your time while you’re learning, and improve your brain’s ability to change. It may also protect you against dementia.

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Get physical

Physical activity releases happy hormones, increases the circulation of blood to the brain, and builds self-esteem.

Find a sport or recreation to join near you.


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