A career that is purposeful.

Rachel Balmer, Anglicare General Manager Disability Services.

Working in disability support is a job that empowers others and also offers a rewarding career path.

Anglicare’s Rachel Balmer began her career as a disability support worker with Anglicare and now leads the organisation’s Disability Services.

How did you first become a disability support worker?

After finishing University I was looking for my next challenge and came across an ad for a support worker position. I had always enjoyed working with others and when I was at school I’d volunteered at a school for children living with disability so the role interested me and I applied. 15 years and many different roles later, my career at Anglicare continues.

What makes support work a great job?

Assisting people to live a full and meaningful life is incredibly rewarding. Being a part of empowering the people we support to achieve their goals, independence and to exercise their choice and control around their own life provides a real sense of accomplishment and purpose. Another great aspect of this role is the flexibility. There’s the opportunity for permanent full time employment but also the chance to work casually and select your shifts.

How did you end up as the General Manager?

I like new challenges and I’ve worked for great managers who were strong mentors and gave me the chance to extend myself. That allowed me to take up opportunities presented to me as they came along.

What do you find satisfying about your role?

The values and mission of Anglicare align with my own. What’s important to me is providing empowering support so people with various abilities can live the life they choose every day. There can be significant challenges experienced by people living with a disability to access the community and services. Supporting people to have greater choice and learn new skills is something I find hugely satisfying.

What does Anglicare look for when recruiting people?

Primarily we look for people whose values are aligned with our Anglicare values of respect, hope, compassion and justice. They understand that we put the people we support at the centre of everything we do.

What would you say to anyone considering working in the disability sector?

It’s a career that can provide a variety of opportunities for people, the sector is growing and there are always new challenges. Our team works across the state in both suburban and rural areas doing rewarding work where even small things can make an important difference to someone’s quality of life.

In fact, expressions of interest to work as a disability support worker are now open. You can find out more at Careers.

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