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an illustration of a man and son walking holding hands and a young girl walking behind them like she is walking along the top of a wall or fence with her arms held out.

Hope for a healthier community

Anglicare Tasmania's Social Action and Research Centre has published a position paper that advocates for the decriminalisation of the possession and personal use of illicit drugs in Tasmania. Read more
image of a balancing scale with a bag full of money on one side and a paper cutout of a family on the other.

A strategic response is required to protect Tasmanians from gambling harm

Anglicare calls on the Tasmanian Government to take a strategic approach to reducing the harm caused to the community by gambling. We think it’s important that 100% of the allocations from the Community Support Fund be used to address gambling harm in the communities where the need is greatest. Read more
CEO of Anglicare Chris Jones

Raising the rate of Newstart

An opinion piece by Chris Jones, CEO of Anglicare. Read more

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