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Card-based gaming system will save lives, money and families

The Liberal Government’s decision to introduce a card-based system for electronic gaming machines will have enormous benefits across the State. Read more
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A strategic response is required to protect Tasmanians from gambling harm

Anglicare calls on the Tasmanian Government to take a strategic approach to reducing the harm caused to the community by gambling. We think it’s important that 100% of the allocations from the Community Support Fund be used to address gambling harm in the communities where the need is greatest. Read more
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Keep the protections: An opinion piece by CEO Chris Jones

Every day, our financial counsellors listen to people feeling overwhelmed by their debt. It's vital that existing legal protections are kept in place, argues Anglicare Tasmania CEO Chris Jones. Read more
An older woman using telehealth for a doctor's consultation

Looking after your health

Anglicare encourages all Tasmanians to prioritise their health – and to seek medical care when required. Read more
Anglicare is shining a spotlight on the harm inflicted by payday loans and calling for stronger protections.

Stop the debt trap

Anglicare is shining a spotlight on the harm associated with payday loans and calling for stronger protections. “Alarm bells should be ringing. These loans are too easy to access, which means that people are lured into borrowing what they cannot afford,” said Chris Jones, Anglicare’s CEO. Read more
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Financial counselling increase recommended

Anglicare has welcomed the findings of a national review recommending a major investment in the nation’s financial counselling services. Read more

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