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The poker machine card. Simple as.

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Listening leads to solutions

Anglicare’s research and advocacy makes an important contribution to social justice in our State. We've released a video about our 40 years of service that shares the story of our Social Action and Research Centre (SARC), then and now. Read more
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Submission to draft Tasmanian Housing Strategy

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Action for a healthier community: An effective response to illicit drugs

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Lending needs to be safe and suitable to prevent harm

Anglicare Tasmania supports the call from consumer groups and financial counsellors for greater protections for people taking out small Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) loans. Read more
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Housing investment must feature targets and transparency, says Anglicare

Anglicare Tasmania has encouraged the Tasmanian Government to develop a framework with clear targets for the availability of affordable housing to guide its investment in the State’s housing market. Read more
Rental affordability snapshot 2023>

Anglicare Tasmania Rental Affordability Snapshot 2023

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Strong consumer protections needed

Anglicare Tasmania today released new research that highlights the need for government to ensure strong consumer protections on Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) products. The report Buy Now, Struggle Later? is the first research to explore the impacts of BNPL amongst Tasmanians who have used a financial counselling service. Read more

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