Children hip-hop into learning

A group photograph of children who have graduated from Anglicare's HIPPY program.

Thirty children have graduated from Anglicare’s HIPPY program, to the delight and pride of their parents and carers, extended family members and Anglicare tutors.

HIPPY stands for Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters. It’s a two-year program that is available to families with four- and five-year-old children who live in the Launceston area.

The program provides families with activity packs, story books and learning resources, explains Program Coordinator Aparna Banerjee.

“We have a team of paid tutors who have come through the program as parents and carers. Their role is to support families on their learning journeys. This year we had three tutors who have developed their skills and are now ready to move into new employment.”

The program provided funding for several parents to attend first aid training. Anglicare staff also arranged a safety education session with Tasmania Police.

A parent’s perspective

 “Helpful, interesting, creative and engaging” is how one parent describes the program. He says it’s played an important role in preparing his son for school.

“My child and I enjoyed reading, writing, listening, singing, drawing and playing together,” he explained. “My child is able to focus and he has developed a habit of reading and listening. He has started following timetables, engaging in a group and can recognise some numbers, letters, colours and animals.”

He said the program delivered benefits for children and adults alike.

“The child will develop their skills in following instructions, working in groups and sharing things. In the meantime, [the adults] learn how to guide their children, [enjoy] socialising in the community and link to different services.”

Christmas comes early to our HIPPY families

This Christmas, Anglicare donated vouchers and gifts to HIPPY families from its annual Christmas Appeal.

Aparna says the donations are always received with surprise and gratitude. This year they also inspired giving in return.

One parent, a single mum with five children, said to me that there wasn’t a kinder gesture during Christmas. And we had a couple of children who wanted to ‘pay it forward’ by giving away their old clothes and old toys to others. This was such a caring and thoughtful response.

“Returning to school is another hectic and expensive time for many families. Anglicare holds over some funds from our Appeal so that we can support our families during this time. It is a delight to see the children beaming with their new school-bags, lunch boxes, school shirts and so on,” says Aparna.

HIPPY enrolments are open for 2022

There are still some places available for new families to enter the HIPPY program in 2022. All families are welcome, particularly if English is the second language spoken in the home. If you have very young children, we can put you on the waiting list for future intakes. For further information, contact Aparna at Anglicare Tasmania on 1800 243 232.


Anglicare has delivered the HIPPY program to 331 families since 2009. The Department of Social Services funds HIPPY and the program is licensed by the Brotherhood of St. Laurence.

A photo of a child holding their Christmas gifts.

Photo of a parent with their child and a game they recieved for christmas

A photo of two children with their gifts.

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