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Andrea is an Anglicare Care Consultant who helps many clients navigate a complex aged care system

Why choose Anglicare as your home care package provider?

Anglicare’s Care Consultants know that their knowledge and friendly advice has helped many clients navigate a complex aged care system. 

Once you have been assessed for a home care package there are many things that you need to consider before you decide on the right provider for you.

“There are many people who are missing out on much needed support because they find My Aged Care too complex to navigate or they think that they are unable to afford services,” says Sharon Scarlett, Anglicare’s Operations Manager.

“An important step to choosing your provider is knowing what it is that you need to compare so that you can get the very best value from your package funds.  Anglicare has produced a fact sheet that clearly outlines our approach to fees and charges.  You can use this fact sheet to help you to compare Anglicare to other providers,” she said.

Andrea Mazengarb, one of our experienced Care Consultants, can call or visit you in your home to explain our approach and with you, co-design the products and services that will help you to stay independent at home.

“Clients are often very surprised to hear that at Anglicare our consultations are obligation free and that we do not charge a basic daily fee, exit fee, a surcharge on invoices, an annual clinical assessment fee or when our staff travel to deliver your support,” says Andrea.

In choosing Anglicare, you can be confident that you will be valued, respected and treated with dignity.

You can find out more about our home care services by visiting our website, click here. You can also download our Home Care Package Fact Sheet by clicking here.

You can also call our home care team on 1800 466 300 to book an appointment with Andrea.

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