Creativity in the air at Indigo

beautiful painting of the water and clouds. the clouds are reflected in the water. the colouds are multicolour.

Art is an important part of life for many of the people who live at Indigo Lodge in Launceston.

Indigo Lodge is managed by Anglicare to provide safe, affordable housing for people on low incomes.

Newlyn has lived at Indigo for three years: “It’s very peaceful here and the staff are friendly and caring,” she says.

Her nature-based paintings have been turned into a book and there is a second one in the wings. She also enjoys felting, ceramics and pottery.

“I had been interested in art for a long time, but I didn’t think I was talented enough,” she explains. “When I came to Australia I thought I have to try, I can do this, so I tried. Now it’s my favourite thing to do.”

Newlyn also enjoys cooking and music and singing. “I would like to play keyboard,” she says.

Another resident, Leonie, is passionate about poetry. She uses it to process her thoughts about the trauma she experienced earlier in her life. Like Newlyn, Leonie has had her work published with assistance from Anglicare. “I would like another go to put these things in my past today and get on with things the merry way,” she writes in one of her poems.

Scott is a resident with a creative and specialised hobby: “I have not stopped doing traditional trophy trout taxidermy for over 25 years,” he says.

“Indigo Rocks” is the next arty project for residents.

“It’s our contribution to the Tazzy Rocks concept,” explains Anglicare support worker, Bec Stuttard. “We collect rocks, decorate them and plan to hide them in parks around our suburb, Prospect. The idea is that the person who finds a rock then chooses its next hiding spot and so on. It’s our way of adding a little joy to our local community – and showing off our residents’ artistic talents at the same time.”





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