Evaluating the Freedom Project

Anglicare’s Social Action Research Centre is conducting an independent evaluation of a pilot project called the Freedom Project.

The pilot project is a partnership between Kickstart Arts and Community Corrections. It will give people on community service orders the opportunity to take part in a tailored 9-week program. It has developed from growing evidence which suggests the opportunity to learn, make and appreciate arts is associated with reductions in re-offending.


SARC will conduct an independent process and outcomes evaluation of the three year pilot project to determine:

  • how far participation in the project has had a positive impact on factors that influence re-offending; and
  • whether it should be developed into a good practice model for organisations engaged in arts/justice interventions.

The evaluation will use a mixed method approach involving qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.   It will measure the achievement of project objectives and outcomes, and contribute to the evaluative literature in this field.

Due to be completed in 2024, it will result in a published report which will contribute to determining if there is a strong case for ongoing Arts for Justice activities in Tasmania.The evaluation will be undertaken by Teresa Hinton, Senior Research and Policy Officer, Social Action and Research Centre.

To find out more about the evaluation please contact SARC at SARC@staging-anglicare.kingsdigital.dev