Case Study: Light at the end of the tunnel

Nigel*, 30, came to Gamblers Help with a clear vision that he wanted to stop gambling.

He wanted to learn how to deal with the urges and cravings associated with his addiction. He also wanted to bring the extent of his gambling habit and debts out into the open with family and friends.

Although he was anxious at first, Nigel quickly developed a rapport with his counsellor. They discussed aspects of his personal life, his beliefs and the reasons behind his gambling. Nigel valued the positive feedback and expert advice he received. He was also given a referral to an Anglicare Financial Counsellor so that he could make a debt repayment plan.

Within just a week of beginning his counselling sessions, Nigel felt strong enough to tell his family and friends about his addiction and the $17,000 he owed them. When they understood how motivated he was to change, their shock soon turned to support.

Nigel is improving his physical and mental health by joining his local gym. Even though repaying his debts will take a consistent effort over perhaps a year, Nigel is confident that it’s a goal he can achieve. And he knows that he can contact Gamblers Help at any time if he requires additional support.

*not client’s real name


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