Home Care Package (HCP) Support Service

Anglicare Tasmania can provide you with a broad range of supports that can be adjusted to suit your changing needs and Home Care Package funding.

The goal of a Home Care Package is to help you stay independent and continue doing what makes you, you.  All from the familiar surrounds of your own home.

The following information explains the different types of supports and what they might include.

Personal support

Anglicare can provide you with a helping hand at home

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the day-to-day things that needs to be done, such as cleaning, eating well, changing a light bulb or weeding the garden. Our personal support team can help you with day-to-day tasks so that you can continue to live at home in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our team are trained to support you with tasks such as:

  • tidying and dusting
  • cleaning your bathroom and toilet
  • mopping and vacuuming
  • rubbish removal
  • changing bed linen
  • washing, ironing and mending clothes
  • cleaning your fridge and stove
  • washing dishes
  • cleaning cupboards and benchtops
  • removing out-of-date food
  • organising gardening or window cleaning services
  • shopping, paying bills, attending appointments and visiting the bank
  • assisting you with planning and preparing healthy food including special diets.

Two ladies doing housework together in a house. One is cleaning the tabletop and the other is vacumning. The person vacuuming is wearing an Anglicare Tasmania Home Care Support Worker uniform.

Personal care

Anglicare can help you to keep looking and feeling your best

Our personal care services are tailored to meet your individual needs.

We provide compassionate, experienced and professional assistance with:

  • showering, bathing and dressing. This can include being present at your home while you shower independently.
  • medication administration
  • toileting, continence support and advice
  • transferring you in or out of bed
  • all aspects of personal grooming such as styling your hair or having a shave
  • assisting with applying special clothing, footwear, splints, braces or compression stockings
  • maintaining hearing aids, glasses, dentures and attending appointments
  • suggesting special equipment to help reduce risk and maintain your independence
  • providing a short-term or ongoing service following a hospital admission or illness.

Two ladies are standing in a bathroom. One lady in a bathrobe getting ready to have a shower she is holding onto rails on the bathroom wall.. The lady wearing an Anglicare Home Care Support Worker Uniform is helping the lady in the robe turn on the shower and get into her shower chair.


Anglicare can help you to maintain your physical, social, emotional and spiritual health.

Your personal wellbeing is important to us. Our team will help you to stay healthy, positive and motivated by:

  • maintaining your social family and community connections
  • continuing to exercise your body and mind.

We can assist you to continue to do the physical and personal interest activities that you enjoy.

Some examples include:

  • planting and growing vegetables or flowers
  • visiting the library, church, theatre or cinema
  • attending an exercise class to maintain fitness and mobility
  • crafts such as knitting, needlework, flower arranging and scrap-booking
  • visiting the Men’s Shed
  • swimming and hydrotherapy
  • Tai Chi or yoga
  • gentle exercise and walking groups
  • weight loss programs
  • singing or dancing
  • bowls or golf.

We can assist with making appointments with your health care providers.  Some examples include the dentist, podiatrist, optometrist, hearing and skin-check clinics.  We can also organise massage therapy to address conditions such as chronic pain.

Anglicare’s Pastoral Care support service can provide you with spiritual and emotional support during a time of need. They offer a sensitive and caring presence for people of all denominations, including arranging visits to or from your local church or place of worship.


An older person is swimming in a pool and looks happy.

Carer support

Anglicare cares about carers

Caring for someone can be physically and emotionally draining.  Carers can find it difficult to balance their own needs with those they care for.

Anglicare understands how important it is to be able to trust others to provide the same care and compassion that you do.

Our team is here to assist you in your role as carer.

We can provide:

  • support
  • information
  • tailored services
  • behaviour management strategies

We can discuss with you respite options such as day-centre, in-home or residential respite.  If the person you support is hospitalised we can take you to visit them in hospital or visit on your behalf.

Grief and loss can occur as a result of many life experiences.  This can include the changing health status of the person you care for.  Anglicare can provide you with pastoral care services.  Or if you prefer we can source professional counselling.

Anglicare believes that caring for the carer is as important as caring for others.  To support this we can assist you with:

  • therapeutic massage – helps with stress relief, vitality, state of mind and physical problems such as back pain
  • taking a break – helps to prevent exhaustion and burnout, continue friendships or attend carer support groups.

Our team has the training and experience to provide quality support and companionship to people living with dementia, mental illness, disability, terminal illness or who are older and frail.


A person getting a massage.

Nursing and allied health

Anglicare can provide clinical care to help you stay healthy and safe at home

Our dedicated team of clinically trained staff can work with you and your family to help maintain your health and wellness.

We can provide you with a comprehensive range of clinical services.

Two people in a lounge room. One person is wearing an Anglicare nurse uniform and is kneeling beside the other person who is sitting on a couch with their feet up on a stool They don't have any shoes on. It appears that the nurse is getting ready to change some dressings on a wound.

Assistive equipment and technology

Anglicare can help you to improve your quality of life by engaging with new technology

There are many products and services that can help you to live more independently. We can help you find and learn how to use new technologies such as:

  • email, skype and other communication apps
  • online puzzles, games and interactive learning
  • the latest news and world events
  • E-books and music
  • devices such as smartphones, iPads/tablets and the internet
  • tracking solutions such as GPS watch (can reduce risk for people living with dementia).

You may need home modification, mobility aid or equipment to live safely and comfortably at home.

We can provide advice on items such as:

  • grab rails
  • hand-held showers
  • over the toilet or shower chairs
  • over the bed frames
  • medical alert pendants
  • sensory bed lamps
  • walking aids
  • pressure relief cushions and bed mattresses.

In some situations you may need more complex home modifications. We can organise an Occupational Therapist to prepare an assessment and recommendation report for:

  • significant bathroom or home modifications
  • outside ramps
  • motorised wheelchairs
  • customised equipment.

If modifications and equipment aren’t funded by your package we can help you to find other funding sources.


A lady using a tablet to have a medical appointment online

Assistance with personal finance

Anglicare can assist you with your home care budget

During your initial assessment we work with you to select a range of services and products that can be covered within your personal budget.

If you would like to purchase additional services from private or unspent funds you can determine the duration of these services. This means that you only pay for what you need.

You will receive a monthly statement that will outline your income and expenditure from your home-care package. Any unspent funds roll-over to the following month for you to spend later.

Our team can:

  • assess your eligibility for other payments you may qualify for such as dementia or veterans’ supplement.
  • assist you to understand your monthly home care package statement.

If you have a Power of Attorney or your finances are managed by the Public Trustee, we will work with the people that you have nominated.

Our honest and trustworthy team can take you to visit the bank and assist you to pay your accounts electronically.

You will have the opportunity to apply for some of your home-care package funds to be pre-paid to you on an Anglicare personal debit card. This will enable you to pay for some goods or services when you shop.


Two people sitting at a kitchen table. One person appears to be giving advice to the other.

Pet care

Anglicare can assist you in taking care of your pet

For many people, a family pet is a constant friend and source of affection and comfort.

Caring for a pet has many physical and emotional benefits, such as decreasing anxiety and depression. A pet also gives structure to the day, with the need for a routine to feed, play, groom and exercise your companion.

Our team can assist you to care for your pet, including:

  • accompanying you on your daily walk or sourcing dog-walking services
  • attending the vet clinic with your pet or accessing grooming services
  • finding alternative care for your pet if you need to be absent.

A photo of the front of a vet clinic.

Self-funded support

Anglicare can provide you with services on a self-funded basis

Many of Anglicare’s services are funded by government programs, however, we also provide services on a self-funded basis.

These services can also complement any government-funded services that you may already receive.


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