Housing Connect

Access to safe and secure housing

Housing Connect helps low income Tasmanians to find and maintain affordable homes.

Anglicare Tasmania operates Housing Connect’s front door service in the North and North West while Colony 47 operates in the South.

Housing Connect’s front door services provide the first point of contact for people requiring housing and housing related support. They provide immediate assistance, assessment and referral for people who need help with housing or who are homeless.

Front door staff identify and prioritise peoples’ housing needs and provide information about their housing options and choices.

Front Door staff connect eligible Tasmanians to appropriate housing assistance and services including:

  • Affordable Private Rentals
  • Social housing
  • Supported accommodation
  • Crisis and Transitional Accommodation
  • Material assistance
  • After-hours assistance
  • Housing Support services.

Front Door services connect people to the service they need. They do not directly house people.

Housing Connect Consent Forms


Parliamentarian Consent Form

If you are representing a constituent in relation to services provided by Housing Connect, please use this application form.

Download the application form here.

Please send the completed form as part of your constituent enquiry to mphousingenquiries@homes.tas.gov.au.

Mick's story...

“I had just lost my job and my marriage had broken down. I was staying with some friends for a couple of months but they had just told me that I’d need to move out. I spent a few nights sleeping in my car, but it was freezing cold and pretty miserable.

When I came into Housing Connect, they were able to arrange crisis accommodation at a local shelter. They helped me to apply for public housing and private rental assistance and referred me to a Housing Connect support worker. I got on the waiting list for public housing and my support worker helped me apply for a couple of private rentals. They also helped me get some counselling to help me deal with my marriage break-up.

About six weeks after sending out the applications, I was accepted into the flat by one of the local real estate agents. Housing Connect helped out with some of the bond and rent on the new place and supported the move. My support worker was also able to get some furniture and other house basics from local charity organisations.

While it’s still early days in the new place, I’m finally starting to settle in. I’m now able to spend more time with my son who stays over once a week.”


Housing Connect is funded by the Tasmanian Government via Homes Tasmania.

supported by Homes Tasmania

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