National Assistance Card promotes independence

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Today marks the start of National Brain Injury Awareness Week. Anglicare Tasmania joins with the Brain Injury Association of Tasmania to highlight the benefits of carrying a National Assistance Card.

The National Assistance Card is a personalised card that is currently available to any Australian who is living with a brain injury. It can be used in everyday and emergency situations to help people communicate their unique areas of difficulty and the assistance they may need.

The National Assistance Card replaces the Acquired Brain Injury Identification Card program that has been available to Tasmanians for more than 20 years.

The Brain Injury Association of Tasmania is currently trialling the new card with Tasmanians who have autism. It’s hoped this could be the first step towards making the card available to Australians living with any disability or health condition.

A warm welcome

Jodie (pictured above) manages Anglicare’s Service Centre operations in the North and North West of the State. She says statewide, team members demonstrate the Anglicare values of respect, compassion, justice and hope in the interactions they have with a customer.

“It can be really hard for people to walk through our door or pick up the phone. As well as connecting them with the services they need, we try to brighten their day a little,” she said.

I’m very confident that if a customer came into any of our offices and showed us a National Assistance Card, we would provide them with the additional time and support they may need.

Anglicare’s Service Centre team can also connect people with its Acquired Injury Support Services.

Anglicare is Tasmania’s most experienced provider of services funded by the Motor Accidents Insurance Board (MAIB). Our services range from the delivery of complex, life-long care in a residential setting, to personal care in the home.

“The support we provide is tailored to the needs of each individual,” says General Manager of Anglicare’s Acquired Injury Support Services Liz Leslie. “We work closely with them and their family members to identify and achieve their goals.”

More information 

Where do I find more information about the National Assistance Card?

Information for people with brain injury is available here.

Family members and carers can find more information here.

How do I apply for a National Assistance Card?

This web page provides the information you need to apply for a card. It includes instructional videos.

How can Anglicare support me?

Find out more about Anglicare’s Acquired Injury Support Services here.

Did you know that one in 45 Australians live with a brain injury?

This article from the ABC explains why there needs to be more awareness and understanding about brain injury.

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