National Homelessness Week 2021

SARC's Catherine Robinson, pictured on the set of Filthy Rich and Homeless

Everyone has a role in community education and speaking up against the stigmatisation of Australians experiencing homelessness.

Today marks the start of National Homelessness Week 2021. To help promote real insight into the reality of living homeless – sleeping rough, staying in crisis accommodation, or marginal housing – SBS On Demand is featuring all 3 seasons of their documentary, Filthy Rich & Homeless.

Our very own Dr. Catherine Robinson was the co-host and in-house consultant on the show. Catherine speaks about the key message she hopes viewers will get from the show: “Whilst for many, access to affordable housing will solve homelessness, for others housing and support will help them recover and stay homed.”

Filthy Rich & Homeless is an honest and compassionate exploration of what it’s like to be homeless in Australia today. “By engaging with the lived experience of homelessness captured in the series, viewers will find their understandings and attitudes towards homelessness, and the people experiencing homelessness, will change,” says Catherine.

“Filthy Rich and Homeless is a great tool for people to share with their families, friends and networks as they may not have a good understanding of the issues faced by people experiencing homelessness. It can be really hard for these people to communicate with others. And by seeing the outreach available and the inside of crisis accommodation facilities, some of the work in this sector that is often hidden and underacknowledged, and even stigmatised, can be shared and celebrated.”

SBS has also developed an online resource to help young people develop an understanding of aspects of living without a home. We encourage parents and young children to watch the interactive, ‘Choose Your Own Path’ videos available.

SBS Interactive Resource



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