New JobSeeker rate is plunging people into poverty

media release

Anglicare Australia has renewed its call to raise the rate of JobSeeker and related payments for good. The call follows the release of a new report on financial stress commissioned by the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

“Countless reports have shown the need to raise the rate of these payments for good. This one is just the latest,” said Anglicare Australia’s Executive Director Kasy Chambers.

“This report adds to years of research on government payments. It has again found that people surviving on JobSeeker and other payments are the most likely to live in poverty.

“With 1.6 million people now relying on JobSeeker or Youth Allowance, it shows that the latest round of cuts is pushing record numbers of people into hardship.

“The research also shows the devastating impact the rate is having on children. The new rate of JobSeeker will leave one in six children in poverty across Australia.

“That is a modern high – and one we should be ashamed of.”

Ms Chambers said that raising the rate of payments is the best way to lift children and families out of poverty.

“This report shows us that poverty, especially child poverty, has become a national crisis.

“It also shows that raising the rate of income payments is the best way to tackle that crisis.

“It’s time for the Government to raise the rate for good and end the poverty trap, instead of leaving people behind.”


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