North West Early Start Therapeutic Support Program (NESTS)

Parent assistance to build strong and secure attachment with baby in North West Tasmania.

NESTS is a program to assist with building a strong, secure attachment between child and caregiver from pregnancy to age 5.

This free program is free and voluntary for 0-5 year olds, (including unborn children) and their family who reside in the North West of Tasmania.

It focuses on building a strong emotional connection, sometimes called an attachment, between child and primary caregiver.

Sometimes in life things can get in the way of us being the caregivers we want to be – NESTS helps to strengthen our relationships with our children. Research tells us that this relationship is vital to our child’s ongoing social and emotional wellbeing.


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NESTS Support

Your NESTS worker will meet with you on a regular basis, including anyone else you choose to be part of this process:

  • Home visits
  • Support to reach your parenting goals
  • Provide resources and information
  • Parenting education
  • Recognise your strengths
  • Discuss helpful groups and courses and help you to connect with these

There is no such thing as the perfect parent – we are here to help with small and big issues, without judgement and with respect.

The NESTS process


Contact us

To find out more information about NESTS, please contact Strong Families Safe Kids on 1800 000 123.


Best fit

If the NESTS program is the best fit for you and your baby, a NESTS worker will make contact and arrange a visit or meeting.



There will be some forms for you to fill out, but you will be supported throughout the program. This will also include discussions around goal planning.

Sally's story

I love my kids, but they are full on. They would be literally bouncing off the walls and constantly on the go. I needed help because I wasn’t coping.

I couldn’t walk from one room of my house to the other room without my kids hanging off me or crying. Dropping my children off at day care was an ordeal, they would cry uncontrollably. When I returned they would be happy to see me at first but then they would be angry at me and hit me and I didn’t know why.

During the time that I have been with NESTS I have learnt so many things.

My ex-partner and I had an explosive relationship at times. It wasn’t just him, it was me as well. We fought a lot, and we used to hit each other when we got really angry. I didn’t know that the kids watching this had changed the way that their brains grew.

I used to think that my children were just naughty and would do things to just push my buttons and so I would get angry at them because I didn’t know what else to do.

When my youngest child would get upset he would bang his head on the floor and cry hysterically for what seemed like hours. The second youngest would just vague out, she was there but there weren’t any lights on, if you know what I mean.

NESTS talked to me about how the trauma has affected them, it was like their brains were going haywire. NESTS taught me simple play activities to help rewire their brains the way that they are supposed to work.

I have worked with many services and I have attended all the parenting programs that there are…

NESTS have taught me more than any of [the parenting programs] them.

NESTS go deeper; they really take the time to uncover what is going on for the little ones.

At first I couldn’t understand how play could make any difference to my children’s behaviour. But it does, it really works; my kids are proof of that. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still not perfect angels, but now I know why they behave they way they do and now I can help them when they are having moments. And I am managing and I enjoy being around them again.


The NESTS Program is funded by the Department for Education, Children and Young People.

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