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Who better to take part in recruiting new members of the Anglicare team than a person who uses our services?

Bonnie Reed is a client of our Home Care service and receives support to live independently at home. Anglicare workers visit regularly to support Bonnie with her housework, personal care and grocery shopping.

Recently, Bonnie offered her expertise to Anglicare by serving on an interview panel to recruit support workers.

“It was amazing to see the different people applying for the job, all from different walks of life,” she said. “But I noticed that they all had one thing in common – they all cared and wanted to do something for others. I thought that was wonderful”.

Bonnie said it was reassuring to see the rigour applied to the selection of staff.

“It is only the cream of the crop that get through,” she said. “The process is so methodical and good, very thorough. There was nothing left out and all areas covered. It was clear that Anglicare is serious about making sure clients have the best people for the job”.

“Seeing the whole process made me feel confident and trusting of the people who come into my home to provide support”.

Bonnie said her participation had also added to her understanding of Anglicare services. “It opened my eyes and helped me appreciate what’s involved behind the scenes in delivering services,” she said.

She said during the interviews, she had explained to some applicants the importance of the role to clients. “Some of them seemed unaware of what a big difference support workers make,” she said. “I told them ‘we are people who might sit on our own all day and we so look forward to a visit from a support worker. You are important to us. When you walk through the door it puts a smile on our face’”.

Bonnie said she had previously managed a tourist resort and featured on television and radio. “I was always a worker. I had a very active life, but a heart attack and seizure started the loss of balance and other health issues,” she said. She said the support provided by Anglicare’s Home Care service was invaluable. “When I had to go to hospital recently, I had to cancel all my regular shifts and Anglicare was so wonderful. And when I came home I called up and it all went back into place straight away. Nothing was too hard”.

Anglicare CEO Chris Jones said client participation in recruitment and training was important. “People with experience of services have a unique insight,” he said. “Their knowledge and understanding helps to ensure a high quality of service”.

“When recruiting any new team member, we emphasise the importance of the Anglicare mission and the values that guide us – compassion, respect, hope and justice,” Chris said.

At Anglicare, clients contribute to decision-making, service design, and research and advocacy.

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