Anglicare’s Connect Newsletter – Mar 2021 (Issue 7)

Wine vines overlooking the Huon River, Huon Valley. Leaves of vines are going yellow and gold and falling on the ground. Autumn.

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Connect.

Anglicare Tasmania is proud to support a new campaign pushing for reforms in the aged care sector. This includes both residential and at-home care. The campaign is called “It’s time to care about aged care” and we hope that it leads to more Tasmanians having the choice to live well and independently at home.

Travel restrictions have been an important part of Australia’s management of the coronavirus situation. For those of us who’ve experienced separation from family members, we’ve had to find other ways to stay connected when we can’t physically be together.

On page 4, the story ‘Peace of mind’ deals with this very topic. Please rest assured that we will do everything we can to ensure the people we support are safe and well if their family members are unable to visit. The vaccine roll-out will provide us all with additional protection.

The safety of our clients is always uppermost in our minds. That’s why we’re assisting the people we support to be prepared for a bushfire emergency (page 8) and to recognise the warning signs of a scam (page 5).

Happy reading, and I will pray for you and your families this Easter.

Publication Type: Newsletter Publication Date: Mar 2021 Anglicare's Connect Newsletter - Mar 2021 (Issue 7)

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