Anglicare’s Connect Newsletter – Mar 2023 (Issue 15)

View of bridge going over the River Derwent at New Norfolk. Their are houses beside the river with lots of trees that have orange leaves. It's Autumn.

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Connect.

On page 4 we explain the benefits of a diverse and inclusive service with a focus on our Nepalese team members. We know you enjoy reading about fellow clients, so it’s a pleasure to introduce you to Kevin (page 9) and Lorraine (page 10). We bring you an update  on the trial of a new activity kit (page 6) and explain how we can support you with your hearing (page 8). On page 12 we take a look at what our Social Action and Research Centre is working on in 2023.

Some of you might have heard that Anglicare is reducing our delivery of some disability services funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme. We are working hard to make this transition as easy as possible for affected clients and family members.

Please rest assured that Anglicare’s aged care service is continuing as usual. Our committed team is delighted to be delivering in-home services to older Tasmanians across the State.

With best wishes to you and your families this Easter and until next time,
Chris Jones, CEO

Publication Type: Newsletter Publication Date: March 2023 Connect Newsletter - Issue 15 (Mar 2023)

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