Anglicare Tasmania submission to the review of the Responsible Gambling Mandatory Code of Practice for Tasmania

Social Action and Research Centre Submission

Anglicare Tasmania’s submission recommends changes to gambling advertising, inducements and player loyalty programs in response to the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission’s Stakeholder Consultation Paper. In preparing this submission, Anglicare consulted directly with people affected by gambling harm and the professionals who support them (in partnership with TasCOSS).

The submission makes 15 recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the Code in reducing gambling harm and discusses…

  • Advertising, including the:
    • Impact of advertising on children and other vulnerable people
    • Costs and benefits of advertising
    • The appropriateness of the existing advertising standards
    • The preferred option for restricting outdoor advertising of EGMs
    • Broader advertising restrictions
  • Inducements and player loyalty programs
  • Other measures to mitigate against harm from competitive behaviour
  • Interventions by venue staff.


Publication Type: Submission Publication Date: 24 June 2022 Key Subject Area(s): Responsible Gambling, Gambling reform, Gambling harm Code Review Submission 2022 Anglicare Tas

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