Rental Affordability Snapshot 2013

illustration of a group of houses

Every year, on one weekend in April, Anglicare Tasmania collects information on all the properties advertised as available for rent across the State. Anglicare Australia member organisations do similarly so that we have data from the whole country. We assess whether the properties are appropriate and affordable for people living on low incomes – on Centrelink payments or earning the minimum wage. In 2013 we assessed 2,677 properties across Tasmania and found that only a very few were affordable for people on a low income.

Summaries of the results are available for the whole state and for the south, north and north west regions.

Publication Type: Report Publication Date: 2013 Rental Affordability Snapshot 2013 Tasmania (pdf) Rental Affordability Snapshot 2013 Southern Tasmania (pdf) Rental Affordability Snapshot 2013 Northern Tasmania (pdf) Rental Affordability Snapshot 2013 North West Tasmania (pdf)

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