There are people living here: Exploring urban renewal and public housing

illustration of a community of houses

A discussion paper and six information sheets that raise challenging questions about who has the power and who benefits in urban renewal; what does the research evidence really say about social mix; the effects of stigma and how social justice might be advanced in communities.

Publication Date: 2010 Authors: Kathleen Flanagan There are people living here - exploring urban renewal and public housing estates (pdf)

Info sheet 1. Urban renewal - what's it all about? (pdf)
Info sheet 2. The way we talk about disadvantaged communities and why it matters (pdf)
Info sheet 3. The evidence base for social mix (pdf)
Info sheet 4. Who benefits from urban renewal - The process and its consequences (pdf)
Info sheet 5. Community participation in theory and practice (pdf)
Info sheet 6. Social justice in communities - some ways forward (pdf)

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