Save Safe Lending campaign goes to Canberra

Anglicare Tasmania Financial Counsellor Fiona Moore standing and smiling. She is wearing a black shirt with flowers and black glasses. Fiona is standing in front of a wall that has the Anglicare Tasmania logo on it.

Senate hearings are underway into the Federal Government’s proposed axing of safe lending laws.

Today, the Financial Counselling Association of Australia represented the financial counselling sector along with CHOICE, Financial Rights Legal Centre and Consumer Action Law Centre.

Listen to FCA CEO Fiona Guthrie as she takes the Save Safe Lending message to Canberra.

Anglicare Tasmania’s submission predicts that more people would be pressured into taking out loans they could not afford to repay.

Anglicare financial counsellor Fiona Moore (pictured above) sees every day the toll that debt takes on her clients and warns that there will be more bankruptcies if the current protections are removed.

“There’s going to be a whole lot of debt. We’re going to see a lot of people in pain,” she told the Advocate newspaper.

Anglicare has urged Senator Jacqui Lambie to vote against the proposed legislative changes.

The National Debt Helpline, 1800 007 007, is your one-stop-shop if you are experiencing financial stress – it’s free and confidential.  Find out more about Anglicare’s financial counselling service here.

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