Taz Kids Program

Clubs and activities for young people in Tasmania with parents with mental health challenges.

Taz Kids provide support and education for young Tasmanians aged 7 to 17 who have a parent or guardian affected by mental health.

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About Taz Kids Clubs and Activities

What are Taz Kids Clubs?

Taz Kids Clubs run for up to seven weeks in primary schools and high schools around Tasmania. Clubs offer a friendly, safe environment where young people can ask questions and get accurate and developmentally appropriate information about mental health and wellbeing.

Clubs are a chance for young people to have fun, play games and work on creative projects together. Clubs also provide a peer group for children to better support each other.

  • Meet weekly for one and a half hours after or during school for 7 weeks
  • Clubs are run separately for primary and high school ages
  • Locations and times vary according to need.

What are Taz Kids Activities?

Taz Kids Activities run during the school holidays at venues around Tasmania. They give young people an opportunity to make new friends, be part of a team, get outdoors and have fun, while strengthening coping skills and building resilience.

  • Run during the school holidays
  • Offer young people the chance to get outdoors, make new friends, have fun and be themselves
  • Activities are held at venues such as Camp Clayton in the north and Blue Lagoon in the south.

Taz Kids offers

  • Promotion of positive mental health
  • Fun activities and new friendships
  • Family days at places like aquatic centres, waterslides and skate centres
  • Parental support such as morning teas and workshops
  • Support and guidance based on mutual trust and respect
  • Activities designed to build resilience and coping skills
  • Leadership opportunities for teenagers
  • Links to access relevant local services.

All activities are provided free of charge and facilitated by qualified experienced staff from Anglicare.

Please contact us if you or a family member would like to access this service.



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If you, a loved one or a family member would like to access this service, please call us on 1800 243 232.


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Ariel's story

When mum was diagnosed with depression, she wasn’t doing too good. Some days, she wouldn’t even get out of her dressing gown.

I was having trouble keeping up in school and the other kids were bullying me. I was sad and angry, just like mum.

When mum decided to get help, she set me up with Taz Kids. The other kids there understood me, and it turns out they had been bullied too.

I feel smarter and more confident.

We catch up at Taz Kids once a week and I reckon it’s helped me understand what mum’s going through.  I feel smarter and more confident. Mum’s happier to see me do better in school and to make new friends.


Taz Kids is supported by the Crown through the Department of Health Tasmania.

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