Values in Action Awards recognise exceptional service

Values in Action Awards Recipients

At Anglicare our spirit of teamwork and values of hope, compassion, respect and justice guide us in all that we do.

Our team is committed to putting our values into practice, and each year we recognise exceptional service through our Values in Action Awards. They are the highest accolades in our organisation. The winners in each category for 2019 were:

Team Spirit – for outstanding demonstration of teamwork:

Wentworth Street Team (pictured). This team has embraced the opportunity to work in ways that are truly effective for the people with disability they support. The Wentworth Street team in Launceston demonstrates genuine respect and unconditional regard for the people who live at the house, and the staff provide person-centred, active support that enables the participants to live full lives. The nomination read that the greatest achievement is that Wentworth St feels like a warm, genuine home. The attitudes and values of this team translate into trusting and respectful relationships between the staff and residents.

Respect – for treating others with dignity and encouraging their participation:

Kath Williams. Kath has been a Facility Supervisor at Trinity Hill since it began operation in December 2015. Her nomination highlighted Kath’s excellent rapport building skills, and the care and concern she shows for the 46 young people who live at Trinity Hill. Kath’s professionalism, focus and diligence have made her a trusted and respected mentor for residents and a highly valued colleague and team member.

Compassion – for showing deep awareness of and responsiveness to the needs of others:

Tracey Boyle. Tracey’s role includes delivering Home Care Services to eleven residents at Burnie Lodge. She supports the residents with home duties that helps them to maintain their tenancies. Tracey has demonstrated compassion and understanding for Lodge residents who enjoy chatting with her as they carry out cleaning tasks together. Tracey often encourages them to take on small challenges to accomplish before her next visit. She also has a good working relationship with the staff at Burnie Lodge. The nomination described Tracey someone who “brightens the day” of others.

Hope – for showing creativity or innovation in serving others:

Anthony Francis. Anthony is a Community Services Worker who for many years has engaged with and supported people with highly complex needs. In particular, his colleagues noted his kindness and presence in working with clients. The nomination read that Anthony ‘embodies the value of hope’, as he quietly and calmly counsels people facing significant challenges. The nomination spoke of the deep wells of humanity and intelligence he brings to the role.

Justice – For demonstrating commitment to fairness and achieving improved outcomes for others:

Heidi-Marie Lyte. Heidi-Marie works at our crisis accommodation service Youthcare, where she has built high levels of trust by being a dependable role model for the young people who stay there. She leads the Youthcare team with a positive and collaborative attitude. Heidi-Marie is approachable and dependable, and the nomination described how she has a values based focus in her work with vulnerable young people.


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