Waiting for social housing

The experience of being on the social housing waiting list.

The aim of this project is to investigate people’s experiences of being on a waiting list for social housing for extended periods of time.

It will look at social housing waiting list assessment and decision-making procedures, and how people apply for, wait for, and receive a housing offer.

The project will analyse social housing waiting list data (where available), conduct interviews about waiting list policy and management, and hear from people on the waiting list (both priority and non-priority).

This collaborative multi-state project will run until 2024. There will be a range of publications and other outputs from this project led by different investigators.




A final report on the lived experience of waiting for social housing in Tasmania will be undertaken by Dr Catherine Robinson and published through Anglicare’s Social Action and Research Centre.

For further information, please visit waitingforsocialhousing.com.

For recent reflections on homelessness and the housing system in Tasmania, you can read Catherine’s introduction to ‘Responding to Homelessness in Tasmania’ here by clicking to download Parity Vol32-09 (November) – pp8-11 Robinson.

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The partnership

Anglicare is a proud partner investigator in this Australian Research Council Linkage Project which brings together the expertise of passionate housing and homelessness researchers, advocates and community service organisations in New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania.

The research team is led by Alan Morris (UTS) and includes Hal Pawson and David Lilley (UNSW), Cameron Parsell, Andrew Clarke and Lynda Cheshire (UQ) and Catherine Robinson (SARC, Anglicare Tasmania).

The partner organisations supporting the project include Shelter NSW, Queensland Shelter, Homelessness NSW, St George Community Housing, Micah Projects, Wentworth Community Housing, Housing Plus, Community Housing and Anglicare Tasmania.

Dr Catherine Robinson

The high value of this project for Tasmanians is its emphasis on the lived experience of people waiting for social housing and what this might tell us about how the housing application process can be improved, what targeted supports are most useful to those waiting, and the crucial role secure housing plays in all aspects of well-being, including parenting, family and community connections, employment, health and education.

The high value of this project for Tasmanians is its emphasis on the lived experience of people waiting for social housing