When ‘Hello’ becomes ‘Namaste’

Photo of Home Care worker and client

Meet one of our newest Home Care workers Gobinda Poudel and longstanding client Veronica Roberts (86) of Clarendon Vale.

Gobinda moved to Tasmania in September 2019 after coming to Sydney from Nepal in 2015. He joined us in February this year and quickly became a valuable member of Anglicare’s Home Care services team, building a wonderful rapport with clients and colleagues.

Several clients have contacted Anglicare to compliment Gobinda on his friendliness, happy disposition and high level of initiative. But his biggest fan is Veronica, a self-described “lively lady” with a great sense of humour, an impressive home gym set-up and a keen interest in people. She is also an avid reader, currently reading the Bible for the fourteenth time.

“Gobinda is a lovely, happy young man and nothing is ever too much trouble,” she says. “He loves Australia and cares for and respects older people. I really hope that I can have him all the time! I don’t say to Gobinda ‘Hello’ any more. I say, after putting my hands together and bending forward, ‘Namaste’.”

A life-long cook, Veronica is very particular about choosing the best seasonal produce, but during this COVID- 19 period she has relied on Gobinda to shop on her behalf and help her put things away. Several months ago over a customary cup of tea, the pair discovered a connection in common: Veronica’s son Stephen is a long-term resident of Nepal and lives quite close to Gobinda’s mother.

“Stephen is retired and enjoys coaching girls’ and boys’ cricket teams,” she explains.  “He sends me photos of the teams and I’m keen to show them to Gobinda in case there’s someone he knows. Stephen is also looking forward to meeting Gobinda’s mother. He tells me that once self-isolation finishes, he will look after her like Gobinda looks after me.”

Gobinda says:

“Thank you to Anglicare for making me part of this amazing team and giving me an opportunity to meet with a beautiful soul like Veronica.”


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