Winter Appeal brings comfort and warmth

A young girl wearing a warm jumper and drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

At winter-time, we often use the expression ‘comfort food’ to describe meals that are warm, nourishing and made for sharing. Comfort is important as our community recovers from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

At Anglicare, we are continuing to support people struggling with financial difficulties, unemployment and mental health challenges.

Gifts to our 2021 Winter Appeal will be used to assist with emergency accommodation, provide nutritious food for families, and keep people warm during the colder months.

Food for thought

Across Tasmania, Anglicare is providing safe shelter and support to people of all ages.

We see the difference it makes for people to have a roof over their head and know where their next meal is coming from.

Good nutrition is vital for people’s physical and mental health. And when people come together to prepare and share food, it builds social connections.

Bilton Lodge in Claremont, north of Hobart, provides long-term communal living for people who have experienced homelessness.  A calendar of themed events brings residents together to share food representing their cultural backgrounds, and enjoy each other’s company. They are also helping to plan the reinvigoration of their kitchen garden – an initiative to boost spirits and support healthy eating.

Meanwhile, staff at our education-focused youth accommodation facilities in Devonport, Launceston and Hobart work closely with the students to develop their life skills in planning and shopping for meals and eating well.

Donating is simple.

You can donate over the phone on 1800 243 232. Please have your credit card details handy.

You can visit our website.

Or you might prefer to send us a cheque or a money order. Our postal address is GPO Box 1620 Hobart TAS 7001.

Our parish coordinator, Margaret Savage, is taking donations of food items. If you’d like to make this kind of contribution, please contact her at m.savage@staging-anglicare.kingsdigital.dev.  We ask that you make sure that your donations are non-perishable, well within their use-by date and are able to be opened without a can opener.

Thank you from all of us at Anglicare.


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