Following her dreams.

Sophie’s future changed the moment she arrived at Eveline House in Devonport, where Anglicare provides supported accommodation for young people aged from 16 -24.

At just 19 Sophie Martin has qualifications, a meaningful job in aged care, and is on her way to achieving her dream of home ownership.

It’s hard to believe that at the beginning of last year, Sophie faced homelessness. Her future changed the moment she arrived at Eveline House in Devonport where Anglicare provides supported accommodation for young people aged from 16 – 24. Here she felt safe and secure, and able to pursue her goals.


How did you find out about Eveline House?

I am from Devonport and had been living in share houses since I was 16, but at 18 I found myself on my own and unable to pay the rent. I did have a casual job at a café for a few hours a week, but this wasn’t enough, I needed to find somewhere else to stay.

In desperation I called a Women’s Shelter and they referred me to Eveline House. I was so lucky there was a place available and I moved in 2 days later. It was such a relief to be offered a home that I could afford and where straight away, I felt safe.

Eveline House is a large modern complex and we all have studio apartments. They are small but really nice, and each has a kitchenette and bathroom. We live independently, but there are also shared facilities, like the laundry, a small gym, lounge areas and a study area with computers available. There is also support on hand, to make sure we are achieving our goals.

It did take me a while to adjust to having so many people living around me, but now I love it. It’s good to bump into other people in the corridors and chat. Eveline House is a friendly place to live.

The staff have also been really nice. I meet with them every couple of weeks or so, to check in. They are genuinely interested in how I’m going, and always ask me if I need anything. And when I do achieve things, they acknowledge this which makes me feel they care.


What has Eveline House meant for you?

Ever since primary school, when my parents separated, it has been my dream to buy a house and to make a stable home for myself. This would be amazing, and a big accomplishment for me.

When I arrived at Eveline House I realised that I’d been given a chance to achieve my dream. It gave me security to know that I could live here until I was 24, and because it was affordable it would be possible for me to study to find a better job, and then time to work hard to save for a house deposit.

I was motivated to study because, with the challenges in my life, I hadn’t finished years 11 or 12. But I’d always known that to get anywhere, I’d need something behind me, a qualification.

It was the beginning of the year when I moved into Eveline House and this timed well with me starting the eight month long Certificate III in Aged Care at TasTAFE. It’s just next door to Eveline House so this was easy to get to. And also, I was able to continue my casual job at the coffee shop on the weekends, which meant I could cover my living expenses and start to save.

I like to help people, and do practical tasks, so I thought working in aged care would suit me. On the last day of my final placement as a student, I was offered a job at the residential aged care facility I was at. I’ve been working here as a casual worker ever since, for about 60 hours a fortnight.


How are you finding work?

I love it. It keeps me busy and I’m not on Centrelink anymore but fully supporting myself. The staff are so nice, and you come home knowing you’ve done something for someone else which is a good feeling.

Every day is different, as we move around the facility. It’s constantly busy and I like the fast pace. But I also enjoy the last hour of each shift, when things are quieter. This gives me a chance to chat with the people who live at the facility, and also talk with their families.

Working in this area has motivated me to study nursing which I can do at TasTAFE. It is really competitive to get into, and I will have to study hard for the tests involved with the application process.


While at Eveline House, you also learnt to drive?

Yes! Being able to drive has made a big difference. When I first started to work at the aged care facility I had to walk for about an hour to get there, and then home again. For the late shifts, which finished at 11pm, I’d have to wait for 45 minutes or so for a taxi. Now I can drive myself.

When I arrived at Eveline House I already had my L1 license having passed the online road rules test. I also had an old second hand car available to drive, but I did need help for the next step, to learn to drive.

I approached the staff at Eveline and they referred me to the Easy Ps learner driver mentoring program run by the Devonport Chaplaincy. There was a lovely lady who volunteered to mentor me, and with her support I was able drive the 50 hours I needed to sit for my Ps.

One afternoon when I went out for a lesson, I had only driven part way down the street when my car broke down. The staff at Eveline ran to jump start it for me which was nice of them!


Where to from here?

I’m grateful that there is no pressure for me to move out of Eveline House. This means I can stay on track to save for a house deposit. Luckily houses are affordable in Devonport so my dream is within reach.

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