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Anglicare Australia calls for Stage 3 tax cuts to be scrapped

Anglicare Australia calls for Stage 3 tax cuts to be scrapped for cost of living relief. Read more
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Essential connections

Anglicare Tasmania supports Anglicare Australia's call for governments to treat and regulate the internet as an essential service. The internet is not a luxury. 28% of Australians do not have the money, equipment or skills to regularly access the internet. Read more
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Australians on lower incomes face higher living costs, says Anglicare Australia

Anglicare Australia released a new report, The Poverty Premium, today. It shows that Australians on low incomes face higher living costs. Read more
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Anglicare Australia releases Living Costs Index: Australians need a plan for living costs

Anglicare Australia has  released its Living Costs Index, showing that people on the lowest incomes are falling behind on the cost-of-living. Read more
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Stage 3 tax cuts will leave Tasmanians behind

New Anglicare Australia research shows that Tasmanians would get the least benefit from the Stage 3 tax cuts of any State or Territory. Read more
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Time for national action

The 2022 Rental Affordability Snapshot for Tasmania, released today, shows people on low incomes in our State have little hope of securing a private rental. Read more
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Anglicare Australia hails Senate vote to scrap charity attacks

Anglicare Australia has thanked Opposition, Greens and crossbench Senators for voting to scrap rules that would attack charities. Read more
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Job market is failing older Australians, says Anglicare Australia

Anglicare Australia is calling for more support to help older jobseekers. The call follows the release of the Anglicare Australia Jobs Availability Snapshot. Read more

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