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an illustration of a man and son walking holding hands and a young girl walking behind them like she is walking along the top of a wall or fence with her arms held out.

Hope for a healthier community

Anglicare Tasmania's Social Action and Research Centre has published a position paper that advocates for the decriminalisation of the possession and personal use of illicit drugs in Tasmania. Read more
A photo of Ryleigh wearing his football club top just finishing the park run on a saturday. He is milling.

On the front foot

Sixteen-year-old Ryleigh is making his mark at Thyne House in Launceston. Read more
A lady with her hand held behind her ear as if she is trying to hear something.

Hear ye, hear ye

March 3 is World Hearing Day. Anglicare supports older Tasmanians to keep their ears healthy and their hearing at its best. Read more
A member of Anglicare's Needle and Syringe Program is pictured in the Burnie outlet. Behind her there are posters with health messages and sterile injecting equipment for people who use drugs.

Reasons to smile

The Anglicare team at the Burnie Needle and Syringe Program cares about its local community, including people's dental health. Read more
Jo Murphy from Anglicare Tasmania Hobart NSP service

Safe, welcoming and innovative

Anglicare's Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) team is leading a new trial that has the potential to reduce drug overdose in Tasmania and save lives. Read more
Hepatitis C testing day. Confidential, free Hep C blood test.

Free ‘Hep C’ tests available in Burnie

Anglicare will host a free Hep C testing clinic at its Burnie office on Fridays throughout December. Read more
Hep C Testing Day Confidential free blood test

Hepatitis C clinic moves to Bridgewater during November

There will be a free and confidential Hepatitis C testing clinic coming to Bridgewater next month. Read more
World Hepatitis Day 2021

Test your knowledge of hepatitis

Today is World Hepatitis Day. Anglicare is excited to launch a new online training program that will build your knowledge about this blood-borne disease and the testing and treatment options that are available. Read more

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