Eveline students speak their mind

Photo of student sitting on a red couch with their laptop talking to someone sitting opposite them.

Nine young people living, studying and working at Eveline House in Devonport put their hands up recently to participate in a project run by the Youth Network of Tasmania (YNOT).

The Tasmanian Youth Story project is exploring what it’s like to be a young person aged 18-25 living in Tasmania. The information captured during the project will be used to inform decision-making about public policy, projects and initiatives that affect young people.

The students were interviewed individually by a team from YNOT. They were asked What are you most proud of? Least proud of? What would break your heart if you had to leave Tasmania? What would lure you home?

Students living and learning with Anglicare are required to participate in and contribute to their community. While participating in the YNOT project was entirely optional, it fitted in well with this requirement. Other requirements for the students include engagement with education and employment, focusing on their health and wellbeing and independent living skills, and building social connections.

Feedback from the students was very positive:

“It went well, [my interviewer] was super respectful and I felt very listened to.”

“The person doing the interview [Remus, pictured above] was really great as he was able to engage in conversation really easily. All in all it was a pleasant experience.”

“We are very thankful to the Anglicare team for welcoming YNOT to Eveline House and for encouraging the young residents to take part in the Tasmanian Youth Story conversations,” said YNOT Project Manager Joanne Horton.

“YNOT is incredibly grateful to our members for supporting our work and passionately striving to connect young people to meaningful youth participation and engagement opportunities.”

The next stage of the project will involve regional workshops that will refine and test the Tasmanian Youth Story and discuss how the research will be used.


Find out more about the Tasmanian Youth Story project here.

Eveline House is one of three Youth2Independence facilities managed by Anglicare. The young people who live there have been homeless, or at risk of homelessness. All enquiries about joining this program need to be made through Housing Connect in the first instance.

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