Paige’s goal is in reach

Paige, a resident at Grove House, grooming a horse.

It’s well known that being around horses has a positive impact on people’s mental health. Grove House resident Paige has always loved horses, and her ultimate goal was to learn how to care for and ride them.

When Paige was introduced to Equine Services on the North West Coast she was in her element, reports her Anglicare Tasmania support worker, Leby.

“She visited a few  times learning how to gain the trust of the horses, learning the basics of feeding and how to care for stabled horses and horses that live out,” she said.

“Paige learnt what equipment you need, and how to keep it in good condition. By this time she had budgeted and saved to purchase her own helmet and riding boots. I could see that this was just more than a once-off, as she would return after a lesson with improved skills and a wider knowledge of basic horse care. She was surrounded by experienced people and felt comfortable asking lots of questions.

“The next step was learning to ride. I successfully applied to Anglicare’s donations fund to cover six lessons and Paige is now well on the way to achieving her goal,” said Leby.

Paige describes what it means for her:

If I am having an off day the outdoors is good for me. It’s a break from town being out at the farm.

I feel comfortable with the trainer and I am learning lots about horses.


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Anglicare manages Grove House, in Ulverstone. It provides supported, long-term housing for up to 20 adults, in fully independent units with shared communal spaces. Residents are encouraged to help plan and participate in a busy activity program. If you are interested in finding out more, you’ll need to apply for social housing through Housing Connect.


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