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Avoid the hamster wheel of pay in advance and pay later offers

Shoppers today have the choice of a wide range of easy lending options enabling them to purchase at a time when the cash needed is not in their account. Read more
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Consumer Leases – Renter Beware!

A consumer lease allows you to rent an item, like a laptop, mobile phone, TV or fridge, for a set amount of time. You then make regular rental payments, typically weekly or fortnightly, until the lease ends. Examples of firms offering consumer leases are Radio Rentals, Rent the Roo and Make it Mine. Read more
Piggybank with a santa hat on sitting in front of a christmas tree.

5 tips to avoid overspending at Christmas

Celebrating Christmas can very easily lead to overspending and debt. With a bit of planning and following these tips, you can still have a wonderful time with friends and family without the post-holiday season financial worries. Read more
Two men talking. Appears that one is giving advice to another.

Case study: sports gambling culture

Ben was exposed to gambling through the sport he played. Anglicare's Gamblers Help service helped him set new goals. Read more
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Case study: Gamblers Help

Counselling and a special strategy called self-exclusion assisted Hayley to stop gambling. Read more
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Case study: Scammer gets personal and uses personal Telstra account

Valerie* called the National Debt Hotline very distressed. She had received a bill from Telstra saying she owed thousands of dollars. Read more
A person with long hair looking very worried, sitting on a couch.

Are you or someone you know experiencing financial abuse?

There are many different forms of family and domestic violence. Financial abuse is often the forgotten and unrecognised form. Financial abuse can be as harmful as other forms of domestic violence. Read more
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Be aware of your personal credit report

Did you know that every time you apply for credit or a loan, information about your application will go on your credit report? Read more

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